Are you passionate about driving? And do you believe you have what it takes to teach others? If so, there's a perfect role waiting for you. You can become a driving instructor!

But here's the thing! Before you start this exciting journey, there's one crucial thing you need to know – the TLI41222 course.

This driving instructor course equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a professional driving instructor in Australia. If you're curious to know about the TLI41222 course, look no further. This article will provide you with all the details you need to know.

What is TLI41222 Course?

The TLI41222 course, or Certificate IV in Driving Instruction, is a mandatory comprehensive training program designed for aspiring driving instructors in Australia. This course provides you with the essential competencies and qualifications needed to teach learner drivers effectively and safely on the roads. The course concludes with a practical assessment to determine readiness for the role of a driving instructor.

Units of TLI41222 Course

The TLI41222 course is built to get qualification for car, motorcycle and heavy vehicle driving instruction. It comprises 35 units, including five core units, and the remaining are elective units for the industry you wish to work for.

Here is the general guideline for the same-

  • Car specialisation- Core units+ Group A elective units
  • Heavy Vehicle specialisation- Core units+ Group B elective units+ 1 unit from Group D+ 1 unit from Group E
  • Motorcycle specialisation- Core Units+ Group C elective units+ 1 unit from Group E

Here are the units for each group-

Core Units

  1. TAEASS301: Contribute to the assessment
  2. TAEDEL301: Provide work skill instruction
  3. TLIF0025: Follow work health and safety procedures
  4. TLIG2007: Work in a socially diverse environment
  5. TLII0005: Apply customer service skills

Group A

  1. BSBINS309: Maintain business records
  2. TLIC0031: Apply low-risk car driving behaviours
  3. TLIC1051: Operate a commercial vehicle
  4. TLIL2060: Complete induction to the transport industry
  5. TLIL4009: Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  6. TLIM0008: Conduct car driver training
  7. TLIM0016: Develop low-risk car driving behaviours in others

Group B

  1. TLIC0033: Apply low-risk heavy vehicle driving behaviours
  2. TLIF0005: Apply a fatigue risk management system
  3. TLIM0011: Conduct heavy vehicle driver training
  4. TLIM0018: Develop low-risk heavy vehicle driving behaviours in others
  5. (Plus 1 unit from Group D - Driving industry)
  6. (Plus 1 unit from Group E - General elective units)

Group C

  1. TLIC0035: Apply low-risk motorcycle riding behaviours
  2. TLIM0013: Conduct motorcycle rider training
  3. TLIM0020: Develop low-risk motorcycle riding behaviours in others
  4. (Plus 1 unit from Group E - General elective units)

Group D

  1. TLIC2002: Drive light rigid vehicle
  2. TLIC3003: Drive medium rigid vehicle
  3. TLIC3004: Drive heavy rigid vehicle
  4. TLIC3005: Drive heavy combination vehicle
  5. TLIC4006: Drive multi-combination vehicle
  6. TLILIC2014: Licence to drive a light rigid vehicle
  7. TLILIC2015: Licence to drive a medium rigid vehicle
  8. TLILIC2016: Licence to drive a heavy rigid vehicle
  9. TLILIC3017: Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle
  10. TLILIC3018: Licence to drive a multi-combination vehicle

Group E

  1. BSBINS309: Maintain business records
  2. HLTAID011: Provide First Aid
  3. TAEASS412: Assess competence
  4. TAEDEL411: Facilitate vocational training
  5. TAEDES412: Design and develop plans for vocational training
  6. TLIF2010: Apply fatigue management strategies
  7. TLIF4066: Implement and supervise transport regulations compliance systems
  8. TLIL2060: Complete induction to the transport industry
  9. TLIL4009: Manage personal work priorities and professional development

How is the TLI41222 Course Different From TLI41221?

The TLI41222 course is an updated version of its predecessor, the TLI41221 course. Certificate IV in Driving Instruction differs from the TLI41221 course in several ways:

1. Scope of Qualification

TLI41221 was only specific to car driving instruction, while TLI41222 is a broader qualification covering car, motorcycle, and heavy vehicle instruction. TLI41222 driving instructor course allows individuals to obtain qualifications in multiple vehicle types, providing more opportunities for specialisation.

2. Number of Units

TLI41221 consisted of 12 units, whereas the TLI41222 course has a total of 35 units. The increased number of units in TLI41222 reflects the expanded scope and knowledge required to instruct in different vehicle categories.

3. Skills and Knowledge

Certificate IV in Driving Instruction involves many practical skills. It teaches you to evaluate current methods, introduce improvements, and guide others to enhance their driving skills. This demonstrates a higher level of competency and responsibility compared to TLI41221.

Why Should You Take TLI41222 Course?

Here’s why you should take the TLI41222 course (apart from the reason that it's mandatory):

1. Industry Recognition

Completing the TLI41222 course and obtaining Certificate IV in Driving Instruction indicates your commitment to professionalism and excellence. This professionalism makes you stand out in the competitive driving instructor industry.

2. Job Opportunities

The demand for qualified driving instructors is continually growing. Completing this driving instructor course increases your chances of securing employment in driving schools, government agencies, or even starting your own driving instruction business.

3. Enhanced Skills and Knowledge

The TLI41222 course equips you with advanced teaching techniques and updated road safety knowledge. It also enhances your practical communication skills necessary to become a competent and successful driving instructor.


If you aspire to become a skilled driving instructor in Australia, the TLI41222 course is your pathway to success. This comprehensive training program equips you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and qualifications to teach learner drivers effectively and promote road safety. By enrolling in the TLI41222 course, you can enhance your career prospects, contribute to safer roads, and make a difference in the lives of learner drivers.

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