Some professions can have a large impact on the lives of other individuals. One such role is for a driving instructor. As you go on a path from a learner to a leader in this field, you are embracing a commitment that goes beyond simply teaching how to manoeuvre a vehicle.

The transition from being a novice driver yourself to an adept instructor is not just about gaining technical expertise. It's about recognising the immense responsibility that comes with shaping the driving habits and attitudes of those under your guidance.

Now, you may have a question: how to become a driving instructor? Well, this article will discuss the process of becoming a driving instructor.

Who is a Driving Instructor?

A driving instructor is a qualified professional who teaches students the information and practical skills required to become safe and proficient drivers. They are essential in guiding new drivers through traffic rules, road signs, and driving mechanics.

A driving instructor provides practical driving lessons in a controlled atmosphere and on actual roads to assist learners in developing the skills necessary to drive a car confidently and responsibly.

How to Become a Driving Instructor in New South Wales?

Becoming a driving instructor in NSW is a relatively uncomplicated process that can be finalised within a few months. The governing body for this procedure is the ‘Roads and Maritime Services' (RMS).

Eligibility Criteria

To become a driving instructor in New South Wales, you must meet this eligibility criteria:

  • You must attain a minimum age of 21 years.
  • You must possess a FULL driver's license for at least 3 years within the 4-year period immediately preceding your application for an instructor's license.
  • You must receive authorisation from Roads and Maritime Services to enrol in an approved driving instruction course and successfully complete it.
  • You must obtain a Working with Children Check number designed for employment purposes.

Step-by-Step Process to Become a Driving Instructor

You must follow some simple steps to become a driving instructor in New South Wales:

Step 1: Documentation and Verification

You must acquire and furnish to the RMS:

  • Duly filled driving instructor application form.
  • Completed medical evaluation certifying your fitness for driving.
  • Successful completion of police and criminal background checks.
  • Provision of a Working with Children Check number and its expiration date for employment-related purposes.
  • Two sample signatures and four passport-sized colour photographs.

Step 2: RMS Testing

You must:

  • Pass an extended knowledge test assessing your knowledge of road rules in English (comprising 90 questions).
  • Successfully clear a driving test with a pass rate of 95%. Completing the driving test is a prerequisite for obtaining a letter of eligibility. If you undertake the test in an automatic vehicle, your driving instructor license will only be restricted to teaching in automatic vehicles.

Step 3: RMS Letter of Eligibility

Once all requisite documents are furnished, checks are finalised, and you've satisfactorily passed the mandatory tests, the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) will provide you with a letter of eligibility.

Step 4: Certificate IV Program Completion

  • Prior to enrolling in the TLI41222 — Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training, it is mandatory to possess a current letter of eligibility.
  • The Certificate IV Driving Instructor Course encompasses online modules and practical in-car assessments. On average, completing the course takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Step 5: Regulator's Final Evaluation

Following the successful culmination of the instructor training course, you must surpass a final assessment in the specific vehicle category you aim to instruct. You are responsible for providing the vehicle for all driving tests and assessments.

Upon triumphant completion of the Regulator's Final Assessment and payment of the license fee, you will be granted a Driving Instructor License, valid for five years.

How to Become a Driving Instructor in Western Australia?

Becoming a driving instructor in Western Australia follows a straightforward path that can be finalised within a few months. The overseeing authority for this process is the ‘Department of Transport'.

Eligibility Criteria

Aspiring instructors must satisfy the following applicant prerequisites:

  • Hold a valid Western Australian driver's license.
  • Garner a minimum of 3 consecutive years of experience driving the specific vehicle class you intend to instruct.
  • Successfully pass a medical examination.
  • Acquire a National Police Certificate.
  • Attain a minimum age of 21 years.
  • Complete the TLI41222 — Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training

Step-by-Step Process to Become a Driving Instructor

You must follow some simple steps to become a driving instructor in Western Australia:

Step 1: Police Check

Conduct a police check.

Step 2: Identity Proof

Present evidence of your identity.

Step 3: Required Documents

Send in the driving instructor application form (form E175), including:

  • TLI41222 — Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training or an equivalent if applicable.
  • National Police Certificate.
  • Character references if requested.
  • Identity verification documents.
  • Application fee.

Step 4: Theory Test

Fulfill a theory assessment if it's part of the requirements.

Step 5: Medical Test

Undergo a medical examination.

Step 6: Practical Test

Finish the Practical Driving Assessment if it's stipulated.

Step 7: License Fee

Settle the license fee.

How to Become a Driving Instructor in Victoria?

The process of becoming a driving instructor in Victoria is a relatively easy process. The regulatory agency in charge of overseeing this procedure is known as ‘Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria' (CPVV).

Eligibility Criteria

Aspiring instructors need to fulfil the following applicant requirements:

  • You must have a valid full Victorian driver's license.
  • You must provide documentation totalling 100 points for proof of identification.
  • You must successfully complete TLI41222 — Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training.
  • You must adhere to the Medical Standards applicable to commercial vehicle driving.
  • You must clear a driver history check and a national police history check (both are mandatory).
  • You must hold an up-to-date Working with Children Check, specifically issued for ‘Employment' purposes.

Step-by-Step Process to Become a Driving Instructor

You must follow some simple steps to become a driving instructor in Victoria:

Step 1: Application form

You must fill out the Driving Instructor Authority application form.

Step 2: Medical Test

You must complete the medical assessment with a certified medical practitioner.

Step 3: Certificate Completion

You must present evidence of successful completion of TLI41222 — Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training. Include a letter specifying whether the training was conducted using a manual or automatic vehicle.

Step 4: Identity Proof

You must provide proof of identity by accumulating 100 points through identity documents.

Step 5: Photographs

You must include two recent passport-sized colour photographs taken within the past 6 months.

Step 6: Working with Children Check

You must furnish a current and valid Working with Children Check designated for employment purposes.

Step 7: Police Check

As part of the application process, You must undergo a Police Check and a Driver History check.

Step 8: Initiate a National Police History Check

In the application process, CPVV will initiate a National Police History Check on your behalf. This task is executed through a contractual agreement between CPVV and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), the government body overseeing criminal history record assessments.

The Bottom Line

As you stand at the crossroads of your journey from learner to leader in driving instruction, take a moment to reflect on how far you have come. The path you have traversed, the challenges you have conquered, and the skills you have honed have all shaped you into the skilled driving instructor you are today.

Embrace the role of a leader with confidence and humility. As you impart your knowledge, patience, and passion to your students, remember that your journey is about turning wheels on asphalt and instilling a lifelong commitment to road safety.

How can AORS Help you Become a Skilled Driving Instructor?

You can enrol with the Academy of Road Safety (AORS) to become a good driving instructor Sydney or any other part of Australia. By enrolling in our comprehensive programs, you will access a wealth of industry expertise, modern teaching methodologies, and hands-on experience that will not only refine your driving skills but also equip you with the art of effective instruction.

With a learner-centred approach and a commitment to fostering excellence, we empower you to navigate the journey of becoming a skilled driving instructor with confidence and competence, setting you on the road to success.

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